Sunny Day

By Anika Habluetzel

It was a sunny day with that autumn breeze. The leaves were crunchy scattered and fallen. The Columbia Gorge gets this magical feeling in the fall. Trees are orange, red and yellow. Leaves fall from the sky like snow. Dawn drove through the windy road belting her favorite Lady Gaga song.This was her favorite time of the year, halloween. This was the first time she’s been to the little red house her grandparents lived in since they passed away.

Dawn took the last turn and pulled in the driveway, the little red house that she once remembered was  off.  Stopping the car and walking up to the little house she saw  decrepit features and a dark somber interior that seemed  almost lifeless, kind’ve like that dead feeling…everything is off but it’s the same thing.

Walking inside the house was overwhelmingly difficult as there was the most rotten smell oddly suiting the house.  She heard  scraping noises in the walls. “Probably rats” she told herself but the scrapes turned to shuffles and the sound of grumbles in the distance grew closer, and that invasive odor filling her body making her cringe.. “Is anyone home?” Dawn stuttered.

Retorted back to her was the unlively sound of pure death, *tap* *tap* *tap*

She turned  to see a creature at the sliding glass door.  But it wasn’t a person.  It had body parts missing, no hair, no teeth.


Alyssa Wheeler

Alyssa presses her bare foot in the warm sand.  She wears a blue bathing suit, and the sun is warm on her skin. Cedars grow by the river, and the water is blue and clear.  The water splashes, people swimming and jumping in the water. People put on their speakers and listen to “Ooouuu.” Alyssa’s belly feels full from all the ice cream.  A crow flys through the beautiful blue sky.

Suddenly a cold breeze waves through Alyssa’s long dark hair.   More crows fly around.  Growling coming from the trees behind Aylssa.  She turns to see someone limping from the woods, jean ripped and his white T-shirt covered with blood, creeping towards Alyssa.  “Are you okay?” she asks.


“GROOOWWWLLL!”  The creature bites into her shoulder.

Human Evolution

by D.D.

John and his friend Tyrece sat down on a rock.  They saw a squirrel run across the street which startled the two. The sun was setting.  The cool breeze was in John’s hair when he took his Steelers cap off. He scooped the ice cream out of the paper cup. It tasted super sweet, just like cotton candy.

It was really quiet.

They heard a loud scream just down H street.  A strange figure walked towards them, blood dripping down its face. It looked like something straight from a movie. It was super freaky. It walked like its leg was broken and it had bloody torn-up blue jeans and a flannel shirt ripped to pieces.

They walked towards it to investigate.


By Grace H. Stearns

You press your bare foot onto the cool, damp sand. The tide nips at the tips of your toes.

Standing still, you look out at the ocean that seemingly goes on forever, mingling with the already pitch-black coastline. You smell the sharp, salty scent of the ocean, stinging the back of your throat. The only sound is the soft lapping of the waves.

The waves turn harsh, the ocean churning, and suddenly a figure appears. Through the mist, you can see something, as dark as the sky. A swan, κύκνος, in the distance. It passes by, without a sound, and disappears. The waters relax, as if nothing happened, and you’re alone once again.

Disbelief in tranquility

By Ashton Thomas

The sky is an entrancing playful blue, fading away into a passionate rage of orange and yellow, slowly burning into an implosion of color melding into the sky. Ashton walks farther from the dock. His  mother stands a little ways from him looking for stones or “gems” as she would say to add to her ever-growing mountain of stones. The day seems seeming especially quiet, almost haunting. The towers of stone and glass of downtown Portland in the distance stand tall and proud watching over their domain.  The dock lays out in front of Ashton in all of its humble rotting glory, shadowed over by the fiery raging glow of the sunset. Rotting decrepit planks of the dock, just like what’s to come.


The ripples in the water crawl their way up the shore.

A person skulks up onto the shore behind his mother…no not a person…with closer inspection Ashton sees dead features, a bloated body, sunken eyes, and he gets that nauseating feeling you get when something is just too grimacing too look at.  Something was horribly wrong.

Throwing his words at his mother “MOM!”, he watches her drop and scream in agony at the thing shredding away at her calf.  Rushing to help her, Ashton calls out as loud as he can although knowing it’s already far too late. He grabs  a large stone and smashes  the creature’s skull seven or eight times with pure fury and relentlessness. Cold, lifeless, inhuman is what would be used to describe the both of them at this point, seeing his mother fall over, foam pouring from her mouth.

Standing there, the whole world stops, tears pouring from his face he sees out of his periferal her fingers twitching and hope fills his heart. Seeing her start to lurch and twitch and then when realization of this grimacing sight hits him, fight or flight kicking in he bolts back to the car knowing that the fighters, the heroes, always die.

Tears drips from his face as he sits now alone in the car, looking around for anything of use to help him get back home, or if needed. A weapon. He scrambles through bits of paper and trash in the glovebox and the center console looking for anything of use. Hearing smacks against the glass and struggling moans Ashton sees dead people..huddling the car all around him, he braces himself knowing he’s trapped. He grabs the latch and unlocks the door knowing there’s only one way out.

Dark Water

By Dakota Cuddeford

Dakota stands at the edge of a dock in the shade on a sunny summer afternoon fishing. The dock is warm as the summer sun, the wood brown as a telephone pole. The white clouds float across the blue sky.  A chill wind blows on his skin.

A black shadow creeps under the brown boards of the dock.  And a hand reaches up on the dock.  The fingers are webbed.

The shadow slips back underwater and Dakota hopes it went away.  

Then he hears the wood crack CRACK CRACKING.

La Pine (Third person)

By Trystin Santana M. Lim

Jared wears a blanket sitting outside on the porch.  The cold is sitting on his arms and face. He smells fresh rain. Oak trees dance with the wind in the front yard. Rain drops on a metal roof.


The street lights click out one by one.

Jared’s left in nothing but pure blackness.

One light flickers on and beneath it stands a tall dark figure.  He stares at Jared with big wide eyes.

School Lunch

by Ezra Russell

Dylon’s at New Urban High School, typing up this story.  And he wants to go home.  He hates the taste of these cherry suckers. He looks around at the four walls.  One is green, but he thought it was blue.  Chris Travis & Bones are screaming in his headphones.  The other Jim is in the background: the loaded cannon.  The clock is ticking: 1:56. The sky is blue outside.  The leaves are green, orange, yellow, and red.

A pale figure appears in the doorway, blood dripping on her white apron.  As she enters the room, the air fills with the odor of dead bodies.  She bites into Jim’s head.  

Fun Times

By Gwen Andreasen-VanOtten

Gwen’s outside standing in a circle, all of her friends are here. They’re all laughing and dancing to the music in the background. It’s a chilly late night at the end of summer. She looks up and sees the night sky. People come in and out of the garage. She sees her best friends Rhi, Bear, and Allen. The boys are wearing their snapbacks like always. Rhi and Gwen are in bummy, warm clothes just like every other day, talking to each other and laughing. It’s getting colder, and Gwen only has socks on, feeling the cold cement, still standing outside the garage. Everyone’s in a good mood, telling stories talking about old times and enjoying life.

A warm breath came down Gwen’s neck.

It suddenly got uncomfortably quiet, and a loud mysterious screech broke the silence. The garage slammed shut.

The boys Bear and Allen couldn’t seem to open it, like someone had locked it. They started panicking, and then heard an engine coming from behind them and turned around.

A black shadow-like creature in the driver’s seat stared straight at every single one of them. The scary shadow poured out of the car and crawled towards Gwen, her friends, and the garage. Everyone was stunned in shock, but as it got closer it went only for the garage. The creature used its black slimy disturbing arms to swing it open.

After it had open the garage door it gave them all one glance and slowly crept away and drifted off into the darkness.

To this day none of them know what happened; it is still yet to be discovered.

McIver Park

by Bear Treat

Brandon presses his bare foot on the hot concrete, back dripping sweat from the hot car ride. He has tasty Hi-Chew candy in his mouth and takes a whiff of the fresh air.  Brandon’s girlfriend, his mom and her boyfriend are all blowing up floaties. The only noise is the air going into their floaties and families going rafting.  The light blue sky contrasts the big oak trees.  He steps in the river, the water cold as ice in a cooler.  

A dead silence suddenly occurs, and one slim figure rises from the water, his face is pale as a ghost.  Water flows from his eye sockets. Stepping closer to Brandon, he raises his bone hands.  

Dozens of skulls and bones pop out of the water.

Lost Time

created by Primrose

One starry night, there was oak tree and lakes and stars a thousand miles around no lights what so ever.  It was dark and rainy Primrose couldn’t see or sleep so she listened to “Chains” by Nick Jonas on my headphones. Next thing you know she hears screams of her parents shouting “BEAR.”

And then silence.

There was blood everywhere, but no sign of her parents.


The Maze (Sauvie Island)

By Lia Davis

Madison was alone in the corn maze, tired, cold and hungry. She saw the big bright moon in the sky but she couldn’t see her Converses in the shadows. The corn stalks smelled like tamales, and she could almost taste her grandma’s pumpkin pie waiting at home.  A coyote howled somewhere in the maze.

Out of the darkness growled a big furry creature, eyes big as a wolf’s, teeth sharp as shark teeth.  It lunged at Madison.





Ashton is standing at the very top of the stadium, looking at giant lights in the sky.  It’s towards the the end of the football game, the last quarter, and people are yelling and talking.  He hears the pitter patter of rain and smells the scent of hot dogs.   He has a Rockstar, that weird taste of a Rockstar.  He’s freezing because his bones are skinny.

The lights flash out.  It’s utter darkness.

Ashton started to hear squeaking and the screams of frightened people.  They turned pale as if they had seen a ghost.

He sees a giant claw ripping off the stadium awning.

Lincoln City 

By Issac M. Barnett

Mark sees the sunset, beautiful waves, kites and tan sand.  He sets foot in the water and his toes soon get numb.  The sky is light blue with a few gray and white clouds.  The main sounds are wind and the water rolling on and off the shore. Mark feels happy and amazed.  He feels the cold wind blowing past him and he smells salt water and fresh air.

Mark decides to get in deeper, until at least 15 yards out. His family isn’t paying attention, and he feels something brush against his abdomen. Mark trips out for a little while, thinks it’s time to head back but as he goes to swim away it becomes silent, and he soon realizes he’s not moving. A figure which seemed to be transparent ever so slightly rises out of the water glowing a dim green color.  Before Mark can scream, the ghost pulls him under the surface.


Steve’s Last Chapter 

By Tanner Vasquez

Steve smells the asphalt under his bare feet.  He steps off the pavement to the rock edge of the cliff.  

The sun above is warm on Steve’s  arms.   The waves crash below.  He smells salty air and sips the warm water in his plastic bottle.  He can still taste the bacon from this morning.  Crows flap across the blue sky.  

A strange growling stirs several more crows out of the large oak tree at the edge of the cliff.  He turns and looks at the grove of oak behind the road. No one, nothing there.

He chuckles at his fear but a huge white dog comes out of the woods.  Steve figures it’s only a stray but it has blood around the mouth.   A whole pack of white dogs step out of the oak trees.



IMG_0293McIver Park

McIver Park
by Bear Treat 

You press your bare foot on the hot concrete, back dripping sweat from the hot car ride. You have tasty Hi-Chew candy in your mouth and take a whiff of the fresh air.  Your girlfriend, your mom and her boyfriend are all blowing up floaties. The only noise is the air going into their floaties, families going rafting.  The big oak trees contrast the light blue sky.  You step in the river, the water cold as ice in a cooler.  

A dead silence washes over the scene, and one slim figure rises from the water, his face is pale as a ghost.  Water flows from his eye sockets. Stepping closer to you, he raises his bone hands.

Dozens of skulls and bones pop out of the water.





by Emmet

You’re sitting next to the water looking at the other side of the lake. The sky is light blue, fading into dark. The water reflects the color of the sky. You see trees around you in all different shades of green, yellow and brown. You hear a quiet wind.  The sand is warm and so is the water.

You hear footsteps crackling through the leafs. 

You turn around to see your wife coming out of the woods .  “Caroline, are you hurt?  Are you okay?”  She just groans.  A cold breeze runs down your spine.


by Izyck

Kai is standing on the side of the swimming pool at Oak Acres, looking at the water, smelling the chlorine-filled air.  The sky is dark blue.  He’s the last person there; the others have gone home for dinner.  The concrete is still hot on his bare feet and he dips his hand into the cold water.  Kai splashes into the pool.

Kai pops his head out of the water and spots something rising out of the trash can. The rotting flesh of a head pops out of the can, one eye missing, his jaw hanging from the left side of his face, a pool Frisbee embedded in his throat.

The flies buzz by.

Near the open fence door, the others appear one by one.


The Unknown
by Evelyn

It was 3 am on July 9th. I could feel the breeze hitting my neck as I looked into the dark distance which seemed to be hiding something un-human and unholy that neither me nor Mariah could really understand. It was coming for us and it was blood-thirsty. I grabbed my backpack and an axe and four small hand guns with some extra bullets. I shoved the four guns into my backpack and put the extra bullets in my pocket. I watched as Mariah grabbed her gun, load it and put it around her shoulder. “Are you ready?” I asked.

She looked at the ground and then at my axe and paused, “I think so” she said hesitantly and looked up at me with fear in her eyes.

“We can get through it,” I reply. She nodded and hopped the small wire fence. I followed without a word or a breath.

Have You Locked The Door?
by maya alley

Charlotte gets off the bus and jumps over the puddle.  As soon as she hits the pavement, she starts running past all the creepy houses. She turns onto Clackamas Boulevard and finally she gets to her home–the 108-year-old white house with blue trim and all the stray cats wandering around, the house that everyone fears. As she walks past the towering hedge, she stops and hears the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer.  The trees howl in the wind.

A chill runs up her back as the cold sweat runs down her spine.  Her legs won’t move.   

Out of the the corner of her eye, she sees the shadow. She runs down the driveway, gets in the house, slams the door, and looks out the bay window. The creature stands in front of her house.  It has pointed ears, huge feet, and skin as light Charlotte’s porch light.  The light flickers.



As Kaylee lay in the soft grass

A rush of excitement

Spread across her sister’s face

Kaylee glanced down

At the magnificent river

As the full moon rose

Over the wide gorge

The water below shined

An iridescent turquoise blue

Kaylee didn’t want to leave

Until she heard a scream

And her sister’s facial expression

Changed to pure horror

A giant dog-like creature

Walking on his two hind legs

Stepped out from the tree line.


IMG_0293 - Version 2

by Ashlin A. Shaw

The soft luminescence of the glowstick-filled kayak is the only light on the peaceful and quiet Siltcoos River in Florence, Oregon. You grab one of the glowsticks with your foot, and the frigid water runs between your toes. You’re soaked from the water dripping down the paddles, and the chilly air starts biting at your skin, chilling you to the bone.

Off in the distance a blood-curdling scream pierces the silence like the flash of lightning. You pick up your paddle and head towards the docks, but you bump into something and splash into the river.

You swim to the dock, and when you reach it, you feel something run across your foot. You start to panic and something tugs your leg. You try to get a good grip of the dock when out of nowhere your cousin Davis is above you telling you to grab his hand. You let go and grab his hand. He begins to chuckle and that’s when you notice blood dripping from his teeth.

Thanksgiving in Oak Grove (Third Person)
by Zachery J. Peterson 

Adam walks out of his room and hears whispers echoing throughout the house. Walking into his kitchen, he finds his mom and sister sitting at the table drinking coffee.  “What time is it?”

“Oh.”  Karen looks at her cell phone.  “It’s 5:40 AM.”

“Why are you up so early?”

“It’s Thanksgiving.”

“Oh yeah.”  He looks at the stove, spots a pie in the oven.  “What kind it is, Mom?”


“Oh good.”  He goes to the kitchen window.  Outside, dead leaves blow across the street, and the rain drips on the pavement. 

Adam hears car alarms go off.

He sees his next-door neighbor looking down the road as a deep roar rumbles down the block, following by stillness. A loud snap breaks the silence. A tree falls on a truck. Glass is falling.  “EVERYONE RUN OUTSIDE.”  Trees fall, car alarms going off, complete chaos going down. Kids crying, adults screaming, and buildings falling.  Adam hears a loud scream, then silence.  He closes his eyes.  He knows what has happened.

Rise (Second Person)

by Zachery J. Peterson

You feel the nice cold sand against your bare feet and the cool Oregon breeze against your cheeks, the soft sunbeam shining on your face, not a single cloud in the sky. You look at the water, a nice dark navy blue. You hear the crashing of the waves and the laughter of the people around you. You smell the salty air and smile. You run into the ocean, the water so cold it’s almost icy. You get out and feel the warm soft sun hit you once more.

Then the tide shifts outward, all the water going away, and you look around and see everyone questioning why this is happening. Alarms blare over the megaphones and people start running. You wonder what’s happening, and then the truth snaps.

You run as fast as you can and spot a little kid lying on the ground crying. You stop and help the kid up and tell the kid to follow you. You run for a few minutes with the kid slowing you down. “WE NEED TO RUN UP THIS HILL, and you’ll be okay.”

The kid nods, and you run as you hear a loud crushing. You keep running and the kid stops and sits there. You go and pick up the kid and finished the hill.

You watch the water rise like a mountain.

IMG_0290 - Version 2
Evie #1 
Hailey L. Brummer

Evie stood shaking in the cold fall air, her thin pale arms wrapped tightly around her. The fog made the mood eerie. She stumbled back in shock, hearing screams of little children. Her breaths came out in pants, her heart beating like a drum. She began running, trying to get away from the fog, that would no doubt soon drag her into the unknown.

IMG_0292 - Version 2

Evie #2 
Hailey L. Brummer 

Evie smiled as the sun bared down on her, the waves splashing down, making echoes in her ears. She dipped her painted toes into the clear water, shivering from the cold.  Turning to look at her family she smiled in memory, seeing their cold pale bodies, laid out on the warm tan sand. Their dull eyes staring up at her. Looking down she saw the scarlet that covered her hands, and Evie smiled.

Deep Dark Blue


As the Bubbles Fade 
by Yesenia

The gravel crunches on your feet, and the waves crash onto the beach. Laughter and voices come from the pool and dining area. You smell pancakes and a slight hint of honey-roasted turkey. The air is salty and full of fragrances–sunscreen, drinks, and food. The temperature is perfect, warm with a cool breeze. You jump into the cool water and the sandy bottom softens your feet.

As the bubbles fade, you spot something in the distance. Its mouth opens to reveal two rows of shark-like teeth. It swims towards you.

It’s Just a Dog 
by Yesenia

Fireworks crackle into the sky, people screaming in joy, children looking up in awe as the colors spread out into shapes that slowly trickle down and fade away.  You’re sitting on top of a hill at Ball Michael Park with your best friend standing next to you. At the bottom of the hill, groups of people gather around talking to each other, little kids chase each other screaming.  Dogs bark all over the park. Your backpack is full of energy drinks, red and blue Monsters, a few white ones stacked to the top.

Your friend screams.

You turn to see a Husky running towards her, covered in blood.


You’re standing in the warm sand looking at the waves. The sky is a light blue with some clouds and kites.  Your best friend is taking pictures. You can hear different conversations, and waves crashing as your friend is dancing along to the song “Murderous.”

Then you feel a presence that doesn’t seem right.

You turn to see a face with dark red eyes. Blood drips from his mouth.

IMG_0291 - Version 2

Thanksgiving Feast
by Mason T. Atkins

You’re sitting on the sofa with blankets wrapped around your body.  A breeze from the kitchen brings the warm smells of turkey.

In the backyard, squirrels scurry through the red and orange leaves below the calm and brown trees. Pumpkins are rotting in the porch, but the fresh smell of pumpkin pie runs through your nostrils. The pie is warm as an Indian summer.

You bite into the slice of pie, and the warm whipped cream pours down your throat. You sit on the couch, eating pie and watching football. 

Then you hear growling.

You look out the window and see a crowd limping towards your house, drool dripping from their mouths and down to their feet. They walk slowly, coming closer, and closer.

They bang on the door.


IMG_0292 - Version 2


Halloween Treats

Sky stood in front of a house wearing a vampire costume, her pillowcase heavy with candy. The house was decorated with glowing pumpkins along both sides of the pathway. Above the door, fake spiders hung from their webs. In the yard, a few colorful leaves hung from the big oak, and below the tree, a witch was brewing a potion.

A scream came from the house.  The front door swung open.

In the doorway was a figure wearing all black, a face with pale skin and blood-red eyes. It smiled to show its fangs.



You stood on the beach, the sand cold beneath your feet. The sun was hiding behind a thick layer of light-gray clouds, and a light breeze was flowing through the forest of oaks next to the beach. Colorful leaves covered the ground beneath them. You listened to the sound of small waves and some little kids not far away splashing in the water. You saw someone walking their big brown dog.

There was a loud growl.

You stopped, frozen in your tracks. The brown dog foamed at the mouth and growled.  As the growling grew louder, the sun came out of the clouds to reveal a dozen dobermans scattered around the beach. They growled in unison.

Creature #1

100_3189New Urban Publishing

New Urban High School
All stories created by high school students

in Mr. Winch’s Creative Writing class.

All art created in Ms. Snyder’s art classes.

All stories are based on true stories.

This magazine was funded by a generous grant from
The North Clackamas Education Foundation



by Denise Breton-Guillen

The dark-green pines stand against the pale-blue sky. The wind is warm and the grass is dry. Sitting on the baseball field, you feel the prickly brown grass against your legs. Black birds circle around in the sky. The fire-orange sun peeks its head out from the cotton-like clouds to say hello. Sweat clings to your shirt. Pressing your palm to the ground, you feel the warmth of the summer earth and hard blades of grass. The humidity wraps around you like a blanket.

Suddenly, a black leather Gucci loafer crushes your fingers.

You look up to see the owner wearing a black Giorgio Armani suit, a crisp white shirt and a deep purple silk tie. Blood stains his shirt. Chunks of flesh dangle from his silver cufflinks. Trembling, you meet his gaze and nearly gag at the sight.  Half his face is missing and what’s left of his left limb juts out from his shoulder. He smells of rotting flesh. He doesn’t seem to notice you with his remaining bloodshot eye, although his gaze never leaves the floor.

As he stumbles away, seemingly detached from his surroundings, he bumps into a pine tree. Without looking up, he impassively apologizes in a monotone voice and continues on his way.



by Kevin O’Brien

You are standing on the edge of a forest looking out at a clear smooth lake. The wind ripples the surface of the lake, rustles through the great oak trees, and breaks the silence of the grove.  Birds chirp in the tree tops. Water trickles through an unseen stream.

Slowly the ripples stop.

You turn around and come face to face with a creature from legends untold. The stench of its breath is that of garbage left under the blazing sun. Its unkempt hair casts shadows over its face. The light that trickles through the treetops do little to reveal its form. You turn and start to run.



by Gabe Moore

“LET’S JUMP IT,” Brandon  yells.  You grab the ladder and climb up, but when you glance inside the train, you notice the floor is covered in blood.  You jump off.

You and your four friends walk along the bridge, talking about how someone on that train sure got you good with an early-morning scare, a Halloween morning fright.  You laugh about that as you walk along.

A hawk who lives on the rafters of the bridge starts following you, swooping down in front of you and your friends, trying to take your attention away from its nest.  The bird is one dedicated father.  If needed, he’ll sacrifice himself to save his family.  You’re with your four friends–Sterling, Dylan, Noah, and Brandon.  They’re like your brothers.  You’re like a family.  You climb down to the cage, the room under the bridge.

Inside the room, Sterling’s got his cell phone bumping “Oldie” by Odd Future while Noah knocks his cast against metal, the tapping making a pinging sound.  “Bumping oldies off my cellular phone.  Yeah, bumping oldies off my cellular phone.”  You look at all the spray paint on the wall and notice how all the good stuff is now covered by new paint.  You touch the wall to see if it’s still fresh, but it’s already dried.  You hear the creaking of the bridge, the sound of someone walking on the tracks overhead.  You worry that it might be the cops.

Down below in the water, you hear a scream.  Up on the tracks you hear another.  That really freaks you out and want to leave but a crowd is stepping on the bridge, coming toward you.  They are lurching along, and as they get closer, you realize they aren’t people.  The blood on the tracks wasn’t fake.  Something bad is going down.  Something real.   For real.  The creatures are filling the bridge, the ones in front getting closer, looking down through the cracks.  If something else doesn’t capture their attention, they’ll find you.  You’re trapped underneath the bridge.

The hawk takes to flight.

You watch the bird swerve in and out of the fog.  You don’t notice Brandon crawling out of the room until he has reached the bridge.  You think he’s just panicking, making a run for it, but he has other plans.  He takes off down the tracks toward the other shore, toward Lake Oswego.  The zombies take after him, dragging their feet on the tracks overhead.

They don’t look down.



by Heaven Terry-Patee

Sarah could hear the stick breaking into her skin, and she could smell the swamp pushing and pulling into her leg. She could taste water, a dirty musty armpit taste.  She could see the blood mixing into the water with moss and old dirt; and she felt scared because it felt like someone had stabbed her in the leg.

And she could also hear the undead slowly walking towards her.



by Heaven Terry-Patee

Audrey felt the boy’s front teeth sink into her neck. She felt defenseless, weak, unsure if she wanted mercy.  She looked to the side and could see the boy’s eye.  His pupil swelled with darkness. It was big and black.

After he pried his teeth from her neck, Audrey closed her green eyes.  A blood-red tear dripped down her pale cheek.

A few seconds passed.

Audrey opened her eyes.  Her eyes were filled with blood.  Her skin was cold.  She turned around and screamed, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” The boy didn’t say a word.  He just turned and flew out the window.



by Sam Anderson

Okay, so I’ve been running around my trailer park and trying to decide what to do next.  It’s been 4 days since the first bite.

Twenty trailers are now vacant, and even though that sounds really sad, it is kind of useful. We took materials from the vacant trailers and built a fence on top of the concrete wall that already circled the park.  From this viewpoint, I’ve already seen a small mob of survivors moving north.  They appear to be killing everyone in sight, creatures and fellow survivors alike, like they think they were the only ones who aren’t infected. They nearly got me, in fact.

I guess the next thing to do is try to find something other than this baseball bat for protection; although, finding a new weapon is going to be hard.

But still, I have to come out of the trailer park sometime.  Why not now.



by Jesse Nelson

Through the sound of the sprinkling rain, you hear chimes, but it’s dark out and you can’t see where the sound is coming from.  You check your watch: It’s midnight.  You see street lights at Century Park.

When you reach the edge of the street, you step your bare feet on the warm damp grass.  The sprinkle starts to pour, but you don’t care.  You like rain.   A stream flows down the slide and splashes into a puddle of mud.

Red lightning strikes, thunder a moment later.  You’ve never heard a rolling roar of thunder like that.  You have never seen lightning that color.   Fear creeps up your spine.

You run through the damp grass and hit the street running, splashing through puddles.  You find a semi truck and crawl under the cab.  The red lightning flashes on the wet pavement.

You hear high heels clicking.  A lady falls down and kicks off her shoes, gets back up and runs away, like she’s running for her life.

After she’s gone, you hear another sound, bare feet splashing through the puddles.  When they get closer, the lightning flashes. You see that the feet are not human.  They stop.


AUTUMN  by Ana O’Brien

I was standing on a hill, gazing out at the moor below.  A warm breeze blew gently across my frost-burnt face.  The earth slowly swallowed up the sun until…it was finally gone. I turned to face the light of the moon, as it rose high into the night sky.

That was when everything changed.

The oaks below cast long shadows across the moonlight moor.  I heard a soft slow scuffle along the dry bitter grass. I squinted my eyes to catch a glimpse of the object and widened them in horror.  Each low moan filled me with a paralyzing fear.

The creature stumbled, moving closer with each step.

100_2873 - Version 2


by Chloe Lambert

It was a summer evening at The Bluffs, a beautiful viewpoint in Oregon City.  You were stressed and just needed some alone time.

You sat on the ledge looking out at every twinkling light and tried to count the stars.  The warm breeze felt perfect, like a silk blanket. Once in a while, stress crept back into your mind but after staring at the stars, you seemed to forget all that.  You looked down into the bushes along the short stone wall.  You heard a hissing sound.

Something smelled putrid.  You thought it might be some stray cats but you knew it couldn’t have been an animal, not even a skunk.  Something skidded across the ground and looked up to you.  It gave you a creepy sly smile, its gums oozing with pus, teeth caked with blood and dirt.

The pale blue eyes glowed in the dark as it looked straight into your soul.


Texas Toast

by Ashley Owens

I was sitting on the tailgate of my cousin’s truck talking with my friends in the driveway. Del was grilling steaks and telling us to quiet down. We lowered our voices. The smell of the smoke from the group of teens was nauseating. They questioned me about my age and why they hadn’t seen me around before. I was timid, and spoke softly.  “I live in Oregon.  I’m related to TJ.”

TJ nodded.  “Mmmhm! She came all the way down here to visit this sh*t-hole of a town and to see all of you bastards!” She cheered and made a toast. Everyone clinked bottles and started another conversation. I relaxed when they forgot about me.

TJ put her hand on my shoulder.  “You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” I smiled.  Someone was walking up the driveway.

He walked…strangely.

Otto greeted him.  “Heya Jamie!”  Jamie stood and swayed a little bit.  His eyes snapped to Otto. He made a weak gurgling sound and started walking towards Otto. “S-stop it man. You’re freaking me out.”  Jamie latched onto his Otto’s arm with his teeth.  “Let go! What the f*** is wrong with you?!” Otto swung his fist. The punch sunk deep into Jamie’s head.  “Wha-?!”  Otto stared at his fist. It was covered in a thick goo.

The smell. My god, the smell.

I couldn’t do anything. My mind was racing.

I was afraid.  Very afraid.

100_2871 - Version 2


by Haley Popma

Samantha sits on a log overlooking the river, watching the sunset, all the pretty colors, pink, orange, and a light salmon color.  The trees along the river cast shadows on the water.  The river rushes, the wind whistles in the treetops, and the bluebirds are singing.  She can almost taste the fresh scent of the river.  The warm summer breeze blows through her brown hair.

In the distance, someone honks a horn.

A chill runs up the back of Samantha’s neck.  A stick snaps.   In the shadows, Samantha sees something.

“Is someone there?”

The only answer is a groan, from a mouth with missing teeth, from a body without arms.  In the warm breeze, she catches the stench of rotting flesh.



by Genesis Pisana

As you step outside on a beautiful October night, you can already almost feel the undead breath on the back of your neck. Crows swoop down at you, and you turn around to see a creature charging at you.  He rips his arm off and throws it at you. You trip and fall and he jumps on you and tries to eat your hand because you’re throwing punches and punching his face, and your fist goes into his mouth…. and …. there goes your hand.  You push the creature off you and you run away holding your bleeding hand. You realize that you’re probably not going to survive.  As you turn the corner you see two more coming at you. You charge at them and knock them to the ground and you pull out your knife and you cut open their throats.  You walk away proud.



by Jillian Solar

You are on a sidewalk across from your olive-green home, Greenfield Apartments.  You hear the bare feet of children slap the warm concrete. The wind is blowing a calm breeze, and you can smell steak cooking on the grill that resides on one of your neighbor’s front porch. Leaves skid across the ground.  Then the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  You turn around.

Someone is coming near you.  It’s your friend. “Thomas?”  You start walking backwards.

“THOMAS?”  You realize that something is dead wrong.  You make a run for it, and Thomas starts to run after you.  You look back, and he isn’t alone.


The Creatures of Trolley Trail by Sydney King

We continue strolling down Trolley Trail.  Our reality begins to fade, as we take swigs of Monster.  The children begin to become more scary. Those costumes could fool me. I suddenly feel a piercing pinch go into my thigh, but as I go to run away I notice the blood dripping from the little boy’s mouth. Had he really bitten hard enough to break the skin? Out of panic we run to safety not looking back. We reach Angel’s house.

Terrified, I try to process what has just happened. I wince as I clean the wound, but my attention quickly swings to the door.  “Trick or treat, give me something good to eat,” the kids chant. We peer out the windows to see a swarm of 7-year-olds ready to feast on our bodies.



by Kacie Ramsthel

Zach looks out the living-room window and sips at his mini-marshmallow hot cocoa, watching the leafs fall out of the maples.  The smell of turkey and toasted pumpkin seeds fill the house.

The wind begins to howl and hail crashes against the window.  Zach can see his friend Roland speed-walking along the sidewalk, the wind blowing hard against his umbrella. The bushes and flowers in the front yard begin to wilt.  The lights come on at his neighbor’s house. A high-pitched scream comes from the backyard.  Roland runs towards the house.



by Kevin O’Brien

The links pop and sizzle in the pan, and the smell of Zimmer’s sausage wafts through the tavern.  It brings back memories of happy moments from your past.

Then, the windows explode.

When you get up dazed and injured, you look out the broken window and see piles of dead bodies.   The limbs litter the streets.  The survivors stumble around.

A creature emerges from the rubble.  It spreads its wings and lets out a deafening roar.



by Chloe Scribner

You are alone in the night.  The rock is cold under your feet, and the river flows far below.  There is no one else.

The river rushes like it’s running towards the end of a race, the waves crashing over each other, trying to get there first.  As your tears form, it begins to rain. It is cold, and you begin to shiver. Angry thoughts race through your mind. You step closer to the edge. All of your dreadful childhood memories flash through your mind, like a picture book.

You step forward when you hear them creeping towards you. You look down at the waves of the river. “This is the only way,” you tell yourself.  Then you jump.

Those few seconds are peaceful. You’re safe now. Then you hit the cold water.

You feel the cold in your bones. Your body goes stiff. Something warm brushes against your leg, but how? The water is deep, there’s no way something could be in the water.

Then you see it. It is human, but it isn’t. It’s skin is greyish green.  It moves toward you.  It reaches for your leg.

100_2856 - Version 2


by Cory Sisk

You were sitting at the buffet on the cruise ship with the cold wind from the ocean mixing with the warm smell of pepperoni pizza.  The cooks were working and the people were enjoying themselves while the moon shined down on the dark ocean. The sea splashed against the hull, and the ship rocked back and forth with the waves. You felt relaxed and happy.

Then you heard a scream.

You ran to the deck to see what had happened, and you came face to face with a hungry, demon-eyed, soulless face.  You had a feeling he wasn’t looking for pizza.



by Kevin Peterson

The sand was hot under your bare feet.

Under the clear blue skies, the crowd stretched out as far as the eye could see. You could hear the soft chatter of sunbathers and the sound of the water crashing against Haystack Rock. You felt warm and carefree.  You pulled a bottle of Peach Snapple from the ice in the cooler.

Then in the distant, you heard a scream, followed by loud chatter. A woman came running towards the nearby crowd.  “HE’S BEEN BIT,” she yelled.  “EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE!”

That’s when you knew what was about to happen.  And believe me, you got out of there as fast as you could.  You didn’t look back.



The summer has just begun.

Abby’s with her dad, stepmom, 5 brothers at Six Flags, California. She hears people screaming, kids laughing, and rollercoasters going. Hamburgers sizzle, and the smell of cotton candy is everywhere. The soft and sweet elephant ear crunches as she takes her last bite of heaven.

The ground is hot asphalt.

The sun is about to go down, so they get in line for one last ride. They get a big whiff of what smells like a dead carcass that has been sitting in the blazing sun for weeks.  The ride brings them all the way to the highest point of Six Flags.

All of a sudden, the ride stops and they are trapped hundreds of feet in the air.  All of the lights go out.  All Abby can see is darkness.  All she can hear is screaming.

Something grabs her arm.  It’s her littlest brother Momo clenched to her arm, gnawing on her like a rabid pit bull.

Her 8 year old brother is now a zombie.

When she looks into the innocence still in his eyes, her heart sinks.  If she kills him, she will have to live with guilt for the rest of her life. If she doesn’t, she will have no life.  She takes off her six inch high heel and looks away to prepare herself for what she has to do.

She punctures the heel into his fragile skull.

IMG_3156 - Version 2


by Hailey Hoblitzell

You’re with your family at Disneyland.  You’ve been waiting in line for Splash Mountain.  You’ve been waiting for what feels like forever.

Finally, you get inside.  It is time, the log starts to move. The log rocks back and forth, the water splashing against the side. Your heart pounds like the sound of a beat to a drum.  You come to the top.

Your stomach drops, people scream.  Water fills the log.

When you reach the bottom, you look up.  You see a man standing in the pool, staring at the ground. His clothes are ripped, blood dripping from his mouth. He is grunting, rocking back and forth. Your family gets out, and you hear the sound of them walking, squish, squish. They ask the man, “What is going on?”

The man gives no answer.



Everything seemed normal that chilly autumn day in the small town of Oak Grove. Everybody was going about their daily lives, getting ready for the holiday season.  Halloween had nearly arrived and of course everyone was excited.  Who doesn’t love Halloween? Everyone was out running around to pick out the perfect costumes, to have a fabulous holiday with friends and family, to eat all the candy, the pleasure before the belly aches.

Halloween was tomorrow.

It was midnight, the night before the holiday.  You were sitting on your bed in the corner of your room, and you heard something, like someone moaning outside your window.   What should you do?  It was getting louder.

Bang!!  A bloody hand landed on the window.

Mom and Dad ran into your room.  “What’s wrong?”

You pointed at the window.

Dad opened your pink curtains, and you all watched as Mrs. Gnow walked out of her house to see what all the ruckus was about.  The mob of creatures attacked her.

Dad closed the blinds.



by Tori Loveland

Caroline stands in front of a window, turning her bronze, oval locket in her hands, rubbing her thumb over her name imprinted in its back.  She looks down through the window and observes the view with which has become so familiar.

She can see the cars lined up on the streets; some of them rest along the sidewalks. Plastic bags move with the wind and ruffle as things move past. There was once traffic, and in quiet places, the sound of birds. But, now there’s just what sounds like an audience, grunting in displeasure.  Oak Grove has been so still for so long; now only a sea of bodies lurk in the streets.

Sometimes, Caroline hears screaming and chooses to block it out. Sometimes, she spots people moving past the building, fighting off the decaying figures. The people are strong and fight well, using anything as a weapon.  She has watched them use guns and knives – the most common – and she’s watched them use bats, crowbars, golf clubs and many other objects.

Boom – the floor shakes and rumbles.  Caroline loses her balance and collapses to the floor. Shards and fragments of wood and drywall sends her face diving towards the floor, eyes squeezed shut and her breath held tight. The dust and smoke fills her lungs as she gasps for new air; coughing violently from all of the pollution.  The wall, along with half of the floor to her left has been blown to bits. Her feet dangle over the edge of the floor.

She hears voices coming closer from below; laughing and cheering. A cold breeze from outside sends a shiver up her spine. Water trickles down her face and into her mouth, and she can taste the salt. Crying silently at her confusion, she lifts her head to view the destruction of her home.